Project Collaborations

Since there are a lot of distributed knowledge and resources available related to IT service providing, the following collaborations could be established:

Project Steering Board "Identity and Access Management (IAM)"

Membership at the Steering Board of the ETH wide Project Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Campaign Project "Improve Data Awareness"

We are part of the project “Improve Data Awareness” that is initiated from the ISO (IT Security Officer) workgroup.

Working Area (Access restricted to Project Members)

Central Lab for Vocational Training in IT

We are member of the project to build-up and run an ETH wide lab facilities to provide basic training to vocational students in IT. The main goal is to bring students to a good practice level (with Focus on ETH infrastructure) before they enter the actual work units where they can then immediately start with productive work or projects. Further it is planed to centralize recruiting of new students.