List of active Projects

This topic shows you a list of active key projects of IT D-BAUG. You can also see completed projects here: Completed Projects

System Health Monitoring Solution

A D-BAUG global monitoring platform to check the health state of all kind of computer systems and network components will be implemented.

ID Printing Service (PiA)

This project implements the ID Printing Service on a departmental level to allow us to squeeze out most of this new service while working closely with ID.

Managed Workstations

D-BAUG Stab and BAUWELT need to gain a better management level of the client computer infrastructure:

A study about how to design a service for managed workstations has to be done to draw a basic concept for best practice. Typically it includes knowledge picked up during the BAUWELT Brush-Up.

The following classes of managed workstations (and the corresponding typical user) have to be considered:

  1. Scientific Workstation
    • High computing power, high-end hardware setup
    • Special peripheral devices
    • Specific science-based software
    • Administrative/Root privileges
  2. Office Workstation
    • Standard hardware
    • Office peripheral devices (Scanner, Printers, Label-Printer…)
    • Office software setup
    • Ability for remote first level support
    • No Admin Account needed
  3. Student Workstation
    1. Standard to high-end hardware setup
    2. Less local peripheral devices (not much beyond standard USB devices)
    3. Multi-user setup with different types of users (students, externals)
    4. Exact software and hardware setup for several, mirrored workstations
    5. No admin Account possible
    6. Special focus on local and network security
    7. High monitoring possibilities

In theory every of these 3 workstation classes can be complemented with a fourth class, the Portable Workstation. Portable Student Workstations are not likely practicable but should not be excluded yet.

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Datacenter Network Zone Migration

Due to a new network infrastructure that covers all regular server housing locations at ETH, we need plan and perform the to migrate our server VPZ by VPZ to the new DC zone. Advantage is, that the new datacenter network components are fully redundant. The new Datacenter network zone spans over all server locations, failover setups between Campus and Center can be made with the same layer 2 network.

Migration State for each DMZ


The aspects of virtualization has to be highlighted within a study. Goal is to define standard strategy of using virtualization techniques mainly for server systems but also for client computing aspects.

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D-BAUG Student Project Subscription Tool

A web platform need to be implemented to manage student projects and other events, where students can subscribe to. In the past our administration offices faced a race condition where students try to subscribe to a small amount of specific projects. The new platform should help to handle this challenge and assign subscription wishes as fair as possible. The back-end database and data access layer need to be robust to support first-come-first-serve race-conditions in the resolution of milliseconds.

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Info Screen Solution

We evaluate and introduce an information screen solution for central screens as well as screens run by institutes.

Further we are involved in the project to reconstruct the entrance area in the HIL building to integrate a modern info screen solution.

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