You are a new IT Coordinator

You just started as a new IT Coordinator in your Institute at D-BAUG and you've probably gotten a bunch of information already from your forerunner or institute members. To prepare you for your future tasks there is also a lot to learn and setup on a departmental or ETH level. This topic tries give you a starting point on this.


  • We from the central IT at D-BAUG would be happy to meet you as soon as possible; contact us as soon as possible, we can help you to kick-start your tasks
  • Join our weekly IT meetings, more details on IT Coordinators Main Section

Access rights and Permissions you need

You'll get the following access rights and group memberships for your work. All this is done by the central IT, as soon as we get informed about your new task:

  • Member of the Group/Maillinglist D-BAUG IK
    • Author Access to specific parts of the Wiki
    • Mailinglist
  • Access to the specific forums on
  • Member of the appropriate Netgroup to get access to the DHCP and DNS systems for your institutes VPZ (Virtual Private Zone) where all your ip subnets are located in
  • Privileges to manage user accounts and guests within the NETHZ Tool for the appropriate groups and institutes
  • Record on the Institute IT Support Contact page

Further access rights you can gain

  • Add your email address to the mailing lists of interest on Sympa ( to get relevant news about the central IT infrastructure

Ticket System

There is a central Ticket System provided that can be used by each institute. Just contact us to setup things up.